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Types of Yeast Dough

Lean Dough: is one that is low in fat and sugar.

  • French, Italian, Kaiser and other hard rolls and pizza dough are the leanest of all bread products.

  • White, whole wheat, and dinner rolls have a higher fat and sugar content and sometimes contain eggs and milk solids. Because they are richer, they generally have a soft crust.

  • Breads made with other grains, such as Rye breads, are produced with light, dark, or pumpernickel flour, and with various flavorings, especially molasses and caraway seeds.

Rich Dough: in general, rich dough is dough that contains higher proportions of fat, sugar, and sometimes eggs.

  • Non-sweet bread, such as, rich dinner rolls, brioche.

  • Sweet rolls, including coffee cakes and many breakfast and tea rolls.

Laminated Dough/Rolled-In Dough: are those in which a fat is incorporated into the dough in many layers by using a rolling and folding procedure, giving it a flaky texture.

  • Non-sweet: Croissants

  • Sweet: Danish pastry

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