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Chocolate and Nuts
Choose your cake

Decadent Buttery Yellow Cake - infused with vanilla


Lemon Infused Buttermilk Cake - moist and sensuously aromatic


Your Standard Pound Cake - simple and true (suggested for sculpted cakes)


​Luxurious White Chocolate Cake - made with white chocolate, butter, and pure vanilla


Seductive Red Velvet Cake - visually inviting, laced with cocoa


Sinfully Delicious Devil's Food Cake - chocolate lover's dream, moist and intoxicating


Spiced Up Carrot Cake - filled with carrots, walnuts, and fragranced with aromatic spices


Sponge Cake - soaked with simple syrup to enhance its texture and flavor


Mousse Cake - a cake consisting of your favorite flavored chocolate or fruit mousse


New York Style Cheese Cake -  rich and creamy, ask about our different varieties.

Choose your frosting

butterceam • fondant • whipped cream • chocolate glaze • cream cheese • meringue

Choose your filling

chocolate or fruit mousse • lemon curd • bavarian cream • cannoli • fruit compote ganache • crème diplomat • flavored buttercreams • crème Chiboust • pastry cream • whipped cream • 

Choose your colors and a theme

contact us to discuss a theme and color scheme for your cake

please note: the items listed above are just a few of the more traditional flavors we offer. We can suggest other options depending on your taste and function. Please call to discuss.

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