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Ian's Challenge - April

For April's painting I chose Neighborhood. As the name suggests, it is a painting of my neighborhood as seen from my living room window. It is heavily inspired by Paul Klee.

His art was influenced by Expressionism, Cubism, Futurism, and Surrealism. Although influenced by these movements, Klee worked alone and separate from his colleagues. He experimented with many materials and different media, establishing his own artistic language and style. Many have suggested that his work evokes poetry, music, and dreams. I was instantly drawn into this hypnotic, imaginary and whimsical place.

Neighborhood was an attempt at translating my surroundings using the same imagery, notation, and sensations that Paul Klee used in his paintings. I wanted to create a place that was much more magical than what actually existed in a language not totally devoid of the familiar.


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