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A Man, His Oven, and His Wife - Part Two

In anticipation of seeing the kids, we sat and watched TV. They were coming up to celebrate Newroz (welcoming the New Year and the coming of spring) in Saddle Brook. The unexpected snowy weather that day also made us apprehensive. They had rented a car and were driving up instead of taking a bus or train as they usually do. The oven sitting in the room only added to our emotional state, a monolithic reminder of the day’s events.

Time passed, and the doorbell abruptly proclaimed their safe arrival. The squat melody immediately dispelled our fears and allowed us a smile; I felt my shoulders relax as the tension dissipated. Ihsan was the first to walk in. Elisa and Mahir followed. As we went through our usual greetings and formalities, Elisa, said, “I see you have a new oven, why is it sitting in the living room?”

It was Sunday already and the sun had begun its daily ascent. Our time together was short-lived; and we found ourselves waving good-bye as they drove away. We gathered and readied ourselves for the day to unfold.

Fortunately, unlike the delivery, the installation proved to be effortless. That night I broke in the oven by making a pizza. It took getting use to, but the effort proved satisfying. Overlooking its limitations, it felt good and welcomed its warm breath.


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