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Ian's Challenge - September's Dessert

This month's dessert is a duo of Coffee Panna Cotta topped with Chocolate Sauce and Whipped Cream served along side a Brandied Fig Tart. The tart is made and topped with our own home grown figs.

I wanted to create a dessert that incorporated some of the food and sensory memories I remember of those cold bittersweet hunting mornings.

Coffee was the first thing that came to mind. Often it was spiked with some sort of high octane beverage Either Sambuca, Rum, Bourbon, or Scotch. Not enough to go to your head, but enough to flavor the coffee and help warm up the heart, hands, feet, and spirit as well.

The second thing that came to mind was Chocolate. Not only didi it hit the spot when you really needed it. It helped to re-fuel the energy lost from a long and taxing hike through the woods.

Finally, I wanted to bring an earthiness to the dish. So I chose figs, using the last juicy picks from our tree. I also liked the idea of using an un-conventional fruit that is bursting with texture, flavor, and sweetness.

I miss those hunting days. However sitting down and enjoying this dessert makes it a little easier to bear.

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