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Many Shades of Grey

Last week I joined a group of baking and dessert enthusiasts called, “The Bakers Challenge”. Kara Andretta created the group as a fun way to share, learn and grow our love of the art.

I was anticipating this week’s challenge and looking forward to participating in it. I was surprised and happy to find out that our creations would be supporting and bring attention to Depressed Cake Shop Los Angeles. They are a pop up bakery that raises awareness around mental health issues by selling delicious grey baked goods. Everything baked is gray and sad, but sweet and delicious.

In lieu of last weeks tragedy concerning Robin Williams, and having struggled with the disease a bit myself, I am grateful for the opportunity to have a small part in helping and focusing attentiveness on this charitable event.

The dessert I created is called “Many Shades of Grey”. It consists of a Coconut, Black and White Sesame Cookie on which is placed a triangle of Banana Chocolate Bread, and topped with fresh Blackberries, which were halved and placed with the cut side facing out. Adjacent to this is a Kahlua Coffee Gel and three cubes of Dragon Fruit. Lastly, the dessert’s final elements include, a quenelle of Black Sesame Ice Cream placed on a bed of powdered Coconut, Black and White Sesame Cookie.

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