Saint Patrick’s Day Dessert – 2014

Saint Patrick’s Day - Monday, March 17 Sorry, but I’m not a green beer kind of guy. I do have something special in mind though. And I don’t mind a good shepherds pie or some fish and chips with a cold one.

Saint Patrick’s Day Dessert – 2014 I wanted to make something different for St. Patrick’s Day this year. Not just something green but made from green things. This is what I came up with. For the sauce I made a Dolce de Leche caramel. Then I layered, starting from the bottom up, a gingersnap cookie, coconut and lime blancmange (basically a corn starch based pudding, no eggs), freshly diced kiwi tossed in some agave syrup. This is topped with toasted coconut and served with green tea foam.

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