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Ian's Challenge - March

The Painting

I chose Untiltles 5 because it’s one painting that I can go to be alone and feel safe.

When I look at the painting, my eyes are drawn to the orange color in the center of the painting. Perhaps because it is the transitional part of the painting. It seems to be larger than it appears, tucked behind the darker, heavier blue that emerges as the foreground. The “s” shape softens the transition between the two areas. Flattening the image and compacting the space. Yet there is also a sense a depth created by the interaction of the two contrasting color fields.

The orange, green, brown, and red tones on the right side of the painting, arouses an earthy, warm feeling that infers a safe well-lighted and comfortable space. I can safely look out of what appears to be a window into the night sky.

The view creates an uneasy impression inferred by the cold blue moon. The torn edges, and the encroaching static cold blue light coming in on the far left side of the piece reinforces this feeling. It's inviting yet unsettling.

The Dessert

I decided to make orange the main color and flavor component of the dish. I also added earthy flavors to compliment it.

I began with an orange chiffon cake. Then soaked it with an orange simple syrup. I topped it with chocolate mousse flavored with scotch and a dash of Angostura Bitters to bring out the earthy flavors of peat and smoke. To give it some texture and a touch of salt, I made a pumpkin seed feuilletine crunch, broke it up into small pieces and sprinkled it over the top of the mousse. I decided to serve it with strawberry compote and agave syrup infused with fresh basil to introduce a floral note. Lastly, it is finished with an orange segment on a cloud of whipped cream.

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