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Spring Ahead

Daylight Savings Time Time jumped ahead an hour. That didn’t go so well. I overslept. Thank God, our lunch guests did as well.

  • Spring Almost Here. You wouldn’t think so from the weather we are having.

  • Lent I’m going to try my best to stay on the thin and narrow path this year.

  • Saint Joseph’s Table - This weekend. (The Italian American Spring Thanksgiving!) Some of you may or may not know about this Italian-American tradition that takes place on March 14th every year. It is know as the St. Joseph’s Table or St. Joseph’s Alter. It came about because of a great legendary famine that took place in Sicily centuries ago. St. Joseph is the patron saint of workers and protector of the family. So the “people of the village” prayed to St. Joseph, imploring his help. Fortunately their prayers were answered. Since then, the wealthier families began the tradition by preparing a thanksgiving table for the “less fortunate” families in the area. Today it is more of a fund raising event where different social groups and members of the parish donate food to sell. The money raised goes to the needy of the parish. So for several years now, I have been baking traditional breads and biscotti as our family contribution to help out with the event. Read more at:


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