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Pineapple Upside Down Pancakes

I had made some pineapple filling and wanted something fun and easy to make with it. I thought and thought and thought, then bam - why not pineapple upside down pancakes? I’d never heard of it before and thought it would make an awesome off the grid breakfast. You could serve it with whipped cream, ice cream, Maraschino Cherry syrup, or top them with some toasted chopped nuts and maple syrup. The choices are endless.

Mixing Time: about an hour altogether

Quantity: a dozen or so Pancakes depending on the size


Measuring cups and spoons

Spatula or wooden spoon

Mixing bowl


Oatmeal Pancake Batter


AP Flour 1/2 cup

Quick Oats 1/2 cup

Buttermilk 3/4 cup

Milk 1/4 cup

Sugar 1 Tbsp

Melted Butter 2 Tbsp.

Baking Powder 1 tsp.

Baking Soda 1/2 tsp.

Salt 1/2 tsp.

Egg 1


  • Beat all ingredients in a medium bowl until smooth. Set aside and make the pineapple filling

  • Grease a heated skillet with shortening.

  • Pour about a 1/4 cup of batter onto the hot skillet for each pancake.

  • Cook until the edges begin to dry, add some of the pineapple chunks and flip pancakes over. Cook until golden brown.

  • Serve with reserved caramel from cooking the pineapple, or any other topping of choice.

Pineapple Filling


Butter 1/4 cup

Brown Sugar 2/3 cup

Pineapple 1 can of pineapple chunks, drained

Clove (ground) 1/8 tsp.

Cinnamon 1/4 tsp.


  1. Melt butter in skillet.

  2. Add all the other ingredients and cook until warmed through.

  3. Drain the pineapple and set aside.

  4. Add the juices back to the skillet and reduce it until it thickens slightly. You could even add a bit of cream to add some flavor.

  5. Pour it into a serving bowl to serve.


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