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Welcome to my blog. My name is Sal Ferrara. I'm a fine artist who studied at Parsons School of Design and has taken his love of art into the kitchen.

Baking is another way for me to make conceptual art. Art that anyone can make and anyone can enjoy. Unlike other art forms, baking allows me to produce pieces that utilize all of my senses and that I can share with others. They may not physically last forever, but just one bite of a cookie, a piece of cake, or slice of bread can freeze a moment like a sensory snapshot. The experience becomes stored in our subconscious to re-live whenever a smell, taste, sound, image or feeling triggers a response that we recognize.

Baking is performance. It is dance, music. Precise movements are inherent in the process of creating each piece. Each ingredient is a note in the composition, adding to the overall construction and flavor of the piece. Tactical and sensual because of the aroma that it releases and the overall texture created by the chemical processes that are required to create it.

Log on from time to time and join me on my journey to making some lasting memories.

Remember, life is as sweet as you make it!


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