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Our logo is play on words. Gateau means cake in French.

Life is as sweet as you make it.

Personal Pastry Chef

Made to order cakes and desserts for your special occasion.



Personalized Custom Cakes

Amanda's Birthday Cake
St. Joseph's Table
ZZ’s Faux Birthday Cake
Ian’s Birthday Cake
Danielle and Niko’s Harry Potter Engagement Cake
Amanda’s Birthday Cake
St. Joseph Bread
Melissa’s Baby Shower Cake
Susan’s Birthday Cake
Amanda’s Birthday Cake
Breads for St. Joseph’s Table
Amanda’s Wedding Anniversary
Jennifer's Baby Shower Cookies
Erika's Birthday Cake
Madelyn's 1st Birthday Cake
Madelyn's 1st Birthday Smash Cake
Angies's 17th Bithday Cake
Alexandra’s  Wedding Shower Cake
Erika and Michael's Wedding Cake
Erika and Michael's
Alexandria & Steven's State Side Wedding Cake
Oliver's 1st Birthday Golf Themed Cake
Boris & Natalya Tennis Themed Cake
Zelal's Elmo Birthday Cake
Daniella's Wedding Shower Cake
Sunflower Cupcakes
Melissa's Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes
Jane's 60th Birthday Cake
Savannah's VW Birthday Cake
Amanda's Sprinkle Birthday Cake
Oliver's Baptism Cake
Angie's Sprinkle Birthday Cake
Melissa and Aaron Engagement Cupcakes
Rossy's 65th Birthday Cake
Rosa's Baby Shower Cake
Rosa's Baby Shower Cupcakes
Cinderella Wedding Shower Cake
Melissa's Baby Shower Cake
Melissa's Elephant Cookie
Megan's Friends  Themed Cookies
Elisa's Baby Shower Cookies
Elisa's Baby Shower Cake
Brownie Ala Mode Entreme
Sofia's Communion Cake
Tuxedo Cake
Nicole's Nurse Practitioner Book
Aaron"s Book Cake Engineering
Codi's Baby Shower Cake
Angie's Confirmation Cake
Nurse Maureen's Retirement Cake
Gianna's Birthday Cake
Michael & Codi's Baby Reveal Cake
Lane & Evi's Baby Shower Cupcakes
Tropical Wedding Shower Cake
Noah's 1st Birthday Cake
Baby Shower Cake
Shirley's Baby Shower Cake
Shirley's Cheese Cake Bites
Shirley's Dulce de Leche Macaroons
Angie's Birthday Cake
Cheesecake Bites
Ainsley's Baptism Cake
Cosette's Sweet 16 Birthday Cake
Elisa's Birthday Cake
Noah's Baptism Cake
Andrew's Super Hero Themed Cake
Samantha's Wedding Shower Cake
Savannah's 14th Birthday Cake
Dawn's Yoga Cake
Amanda's Carrot Cake
Gianna's Unicorn Cake
Chocolate Stout Cake
OhBabyAbella_Forest Animal Baby Shower Cake
Jack Daniel's Birthday Cake
Monica Brown's Baby Shower Cake
Katty's Wedding Cake
Christmas 2017
Danielle's Birthday Cake
Noah's Baby Shower Cake
Jenni's Birthday Cake
Lee's Birthday Cheesecake
Taryn's 40th Birthday Cake
GF_Namaste Yoga Cake
Sophia's 9th Birthday Cheese Cake
Sprinkle Cake
Natasha's Birthday Cake_2017
Summer Peach Berry Crustada
Melissa's Naked Wedding Shower Cake
Melissa's Wedding Shower Desserts
's Communion Cake
Sofia's Communion Cake
Sofia's Communion Cake Rose Topper
Sofia's Communion Candy Favors
's Communion Cake Head on Shot
Sofia's Communion Favors
Saint Joseph Bread 2017
Sal's Birthday Cake
Emoji Birthday Cake
Emoji Cookie Favors
Cross Baptism Cake
Dolche de Leche Birthday Cake
Rustic Peach Pie
Baby Shower Cake
Palm Tree Cookies
Katty's 40th Birthday Cake
Bridal Shower Cake
Gluten-Free ChiaSeedCookies_edited
Baby Shower Cake
Boiled Italian Cookies
Amped Up Carrot Cake_edited
Hazelnut & Mango Macaroons
Polka Dot Birthday Cake
Rustic Wedding Shower Cupcakes
Cars Lightening McQueen Themed Birthday Cake
Cars Themed Birthday Cake
Gender Reveal Cake
HotWheels Themed Birthday Cake
Monkey Themed Cake
Birthday Cake
Ethiopian Brownie
Lemon Meringue Pie
Music Themed Cake
Rapunzel Themed Birthday Cake
The Alternative Chocolate Chip Cookie_edited.jpg
Sophia Themed Cake
Ricotta Pie
Buckwheat Linzer Cookies
Bubble Guppies Themed Cake
Geronimo Stilton Theme Cake
Thanksgiving Cake
Strawberry Shortcake
Vintage / French Script Engagement Cake
Vintage / French Script Engagement Cake
Vintage / French Script Roses and Locket
Vintage / French Script Heart and Key
Guitar Themed Birthday Cake
Chocolate Blackout Birthday Cake
Confirmation Cake
Kayak Fishing Cake
Christine's Baby Block ShowerCake
Circus Themed Cake
Scooby-Doo Cake
Champagne Wedding Shower Cake
Lil Kim's Honey Bee Shower Cake
Lil Kim's Blue Baby Shower Cake
Lil Kim's Pink Baby Shower Cake.jpg
NY Red Bulls Soccer Cake
95Th Birthday Cake.jpg
Caillou Birthday Cake
Chocolate Labrador Cake
Leopard Purse Cake
Weddding Dress Cupcakes.jpg
Baptism Cake
Red Velvet Birthday Cake
1st Birthday Cake
Beach Birthday Cake
Gaba Gabe Birthday Cake
Love Birds Shower Cake
Suitcase Cake
Dr.'s Cake Delivery Box
Golf Themed Birthday Cake
Treasure Chest Sugar Piece
Sea Shells Sugar Piece
Woody Cake
Doctor's Bag Cake
80th Birthday Cake
Escalade Cake
Congratulations Cake
Anniversary Cake
Shoe Cake
Bear & Bees Baby Shower Cake
Grooms Cake
Doggy Cake
Fishing Themed Cake
Strawberry Mousse Cake
Fishing Themed Birthday Cake
Bustier Cake
Sweet Pee Baby Shower Cake
Cinderella Birthday Cake
Cinderella Sugar Piece
Wedding Dress Cupcakes
Cinderella Themed Birthday Cake
Wedding Shower Cake
Tricky Tray Give Away
Chocolate Birthday Cake
Chocolate Glazed Cake
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